Leaves not trodden black

The Hydras Fang

Yo ho! Yo ho!

It was early afternoon, and I was sitting on a straw mat across from Logen and Irm in the monk’s dojo. Kritt and Ronny had split as soon as we got back, not that I could blame them. I was in the mood for a beer, and I knew the man for the job.

 We were all enjoying a new batch of ale brewed up by the half-elf. He excitedly explained how he used a dash of the plums that Amari Li used in her wine, along with a dash of spices he picked up from a local vendor. I nodded, and Logen belched loudly in approval. He had been drinking three for every one of ours by that point.

“So…tell me again how you, our magical friend, and Ronny fought off a pirate captain again!”, Logen said with an ear to ear grin and only a slight slur.

I began to explain how it all started with Ronny’s stage show that Logen himself invited us to. I was surprised Kritt showed, as I didn’t think music was something a bookish elf would appreciate. Then again here I was in the slums I normally avoided, so I wasn’t in a position to judge.

I had to admit, the event was actually decent. The halfling was quite the showman. One could almost think with that talent, he could’ve been able to have been a preacher in our most Holy Emperor’s church. The concert concluded and I could see Logen already breast deep in the local tavern wench. The mangos and I were going to take our leave when I spotted the familiar grizzled face of Venture Captain Ambrus headed right our way.

He explained how an aristocrat by the name of Darsielle Du Moire had taken up the foolish notion that he could become a pirate. The idiot had be terrorizing the local town of Diobel and actually managed to steal some tablets of importance that the Lodge wanted to get its hands on. To make matters worse he had pissed off so many people in high places that we had to stop him before anyone else did.

With one look at Kritt, we agreed to take him out and recover the tablets. There was no time to grab Irm and I knew Logen was in no position to travel, speaking as I’m sure he was current stuck between a mattress and 300 plus pounds of tits, sweat, and diseases. To my surprise, Ronny also volunteered for the mission. I didn’t know at the time how a minstrel could help us, but looking back on it I couldn’t see how we pulled it off without him.

Arriving in Diobel, we wasted no time  chasing down the trail of Du Moire. We arrived at a local shop of a customs inspector. The door was ajar, and we walked in to find two fresh corpses belonging to the local guard. 

We burst in to the next room to find a young girl cradling what it seemed to be the shop owner’s corpse. The magos, ever watchful, whispered in my ear that arcane magic was afoot. That fact, coupled with the rage I felt for the dead guardsman, was more than enough as I was preparing myself for a trap. 

The magos didn’t waste any time as he threw a bolt of arcane power in the girl’s direction. For all our differences, I can appreciate the elf’s capacity for discretion in doing what was necessary. I don’t know if my other companions would have had the fortitude to attack a seemingly unarmed girl. My suspicion was confirmed as two bandits struck from the shadows.

We made short work of our foes, and followed the tracks of Du Moire out a trap door in a back room. We came upon two guards of the Consortium, a black market of dubious regard. Our new companion quickly convinced him we were on official business, and the allowed us to pass through what might’ve been a more difficult interaction.

We discovered Du Moire’s ship, the Hydra’s Fang, had just left port. The guards allowed us to procure a rowboat to chase after them, none the wiser. Unfortunately we were to find the voyage less than uneventful.

Two sea lizard-men, (as I was to later find in my usual post mission creature research as a species called “Sauhagin”) apparently driven to rage by the death of their friend, had convinced themselves we were aligned with Du Moire and attacked our vessel.

The fight was grueling, with Kritt and Ronny taking several vicious blows, but we prevailed. I was thankful to have the restorative wand we found in one of our more recent missions. After another hour, we came upon the Hydra’s Fang.

We debated about how to board the ship. Ronny then produced a grappling hook from seemingly out of nowhere, and advised us to climb the side of the vessel. I had my doubts about the halfling’s abilities, but clearly my judgements were unfounded and he displayed a knack for preparation for that matched my own.

Kritt attempted to stealthy climb the rope and make his way onto the ship, but was quickly spotted and ambushed by the brigands. Ronny provided ranged fire from the rowboat as I made my way up the rope.

A vicious fight ensued, and the cowardly Du Moire fled below deck in a foolish attempt to gather his riches. I was unfortunately delayed by the deckhands, who more than held their own in their combat. When Du Moire made a break for his own rowboat, Ronny chased after him with fervor.

I eventually dispatched the crew, and healed the magos back to consciousness. We came upon the halfling in single combat with the would be pirate. I appreciate the minstrel’s dedication to justice, perhaps if he holds the faith to our most Holy Emperor Supreme, he could learn of our ways.

Unfortunately for our little companion, the aristocrat was most skilled with a blade, and disabled him. A tense negotiation ensued, with Du Moire demanding we bring him back aboard in return for Ronny’s life. I lied to the best of my ability that no harm would come to him, and threw down the rope.

When he made his way aboard, a proceeded to bury a crossbow bolt into his chest. Whether it was the fear of death, or just plain human stubbornness I do not know, but the pirate clung to life. This was quickly remedied as the halfling, in a heroic effort, cracked Du Moire’s skull open with a heavy stone, felling him.

What transpired  next I have already reported to my superiors, but needless to say my personal mission was accomplished. I know the magos has his suspicions, but let him stew and think, I do not report to him. I know he has his intentions of his own, best to let us both work to mutual gain.

We then recovered the tablets from the depths of the ship, and reported back to Ambrus victorious. He thanked us, and the three of us went our separate ways. Which leads me to where I am now.

“This sounded like an adventure I would have most enjoyed!”, Irm exclaimed with a mighty belch of his own. It seemed my tale had rendered Logen speechless, and the drink rendering him unconscious, as he was face first in a pile of his own drool. I thanked Irm once more for the hospitality, and made my way back to the temple. 

Abadar Protects.



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