Leaves not trodden black

Silent tide

Our mission: save Yargos, get his tome.
Mission Update: get tome from Nessian, thug leader of the War Hounds.
Mission notes: Undead plague threatens the land, the tome is the way to stop Nessian’s plot to wreak havoc over Absalom. Fought through some thugs, then some undead. Trivial at best. Torch sold us the location of Nessian for some assistance in unlocking some crates. As per usual, our “lockpicking expert” was quite useless. Disabling the enchantments on the crates? Childsplay.
Nessian and his thugs proved to be a bit of a challenge as they were able to interrupt my spellcast. I am appalled that I let that weak scum break my concentration, but I suppose thats because I’m using most of my concentration to not kill Logen. Perhaps it was a lesson from Nethys to humble me in my pursuit of greater magics. But I digress, my failure was unacceptable and we were quite lucky to have the young Cleric Antwer by our side or I fear that I would not be able to write this debrief to you. On a brighter side, I was able to complete your personal request without detection. I await your next orders.



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