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In Service to Lore

Episode One

Mission One – In Service to Lore
Grand Lodge, Absalom

Logen’s Log – Chapter 1

By Caylien’s Chalice, I never dreamed a day of running petty errands could earn a man so much coin! This Pathfinder Society certainly knows how to treat a man right. Here I lay in the humble rooftop hammock I call home, writing this journal on the backs of the pages of some old book I found. Don’t remember where exactly, but it’s got some nice pictures in it, so I chose this one for my journal. Got me some fancy new clothes to look the proper gentleman, and I found an upscale whore to warm my bed at the Prancing Pony last night – no stretch marks! It’s been too long since I’ve had a heavy purse I tell you. Anyways now I’m just boasting, so I’ll get down to brass tacks. It was an interesting first day on the job…

I strode into Ambrus’ office a bit late, finding that my new compatriots had preceded me. Taking a cursory glance let me know we made for quite the ragtag bunch. Gravos was the first to catch my eye. Beast of a half-orc that one, but the glint of a holy symbol let me know he wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill halfwit with an axe. I’d be making friends with that one, you always need someone bigger than you watching your back. Irm was a curious fellow, quiet and composed, but I got the feeling a fight between us would be over after one punch. Arlin looked right out of the city guard, though better looking than most, with a blonde mane like a lion and scale mail gleaming like silver in the sunlight streaming through Ambrus’ windows. Note to self: inquire as to his barber. Last but not least was Kritt, so pale he looked like he hadn’t seen a second of sunlight in ten years. But I’m not one to underestimate the elves, especially one with an aura of the arcane about him, and a wicked blade that let’s you know upon looking that it hasn’t been wont for blood…

We gathered round Ambrus’ desk as he gave us our first orders. Four tasks of no particular order – and if we finished em all in a day we’d prove our worth. Well being sensible folk not like to overcomplicate things we decided to take the list in order one by one, all methodical like.

First was a trip dockside to meet old Guaril down at his shop. I knew a bit from several dealings we’d had in the past. Let’s just say Guaril wasn’t skittish about buying whenever I’d found some goods that had fallen off the back of a cart. He was in the market for a shipment of rare books that had inconveniently been held up in a friend’s warehouse, after said friend had a bit of a misunderstand with the city guard. We let him know it would be no trouble at’all for us to go fetch them for him, and he thanked us and bid us on our way.

Now, the warehouse was a sight for sore eyes when we got there, but I’ve seen a woman look worse. After a bit of trouble with the lock (don’t you hate those?) we were able to casually force our way in. The place was darker than an Osirian whore’s rug, but Arlin revealed his shield was glow-in-the-dark, so we were a bit better than blind. Before I could suggest a friendly rave, we caught sight of the crate Guaril had described – marked with three crows spreading their wings in a triangle. As Gravos approached, we were ambushed by a pack of ROUSes (rodents of unusual size), and commenced to show the beasts some manners. With the stench of mutated rat guts filling the air, someone got the clever idea of hoisting Arlin on one one the crane pulleys over to where the crate sat teetering over some broken floorboards. The stout lad had our prize to safety in no time, and after gently prying it open we found the items we were looking for, along with some very fine… craftsman’s tools… which I quietly tucked under my coat. Returning to Guaril’s shop he seemed quite pleased with us. Here’s hoping he returns the favor in our future business dealings…

Next on the list was an errand for Lady Ollysta and the Temple of the Shining Star. Quite a fine lass that one, and would be a damn fun ride if she weren’t so serious all the time. Of course I acted the perfect gentleman around a lady of her… stature. She needed some medical supplies delivered to an orphanage in Eastgate, run by a kindly old bag by the name of Auntie Baldwin. But we were warned to be wary – and make certain the aid would be put to good use.

The Orphanage was holed up in a manor on the nicer side of town, with healthy, well-mannered children bustling about the courtyard playing marbles and such. I don’t like children much though, so I kindly avoided them, and we made our way inside. The old hag was amicable, but a bit suspicious. After some snooping around I found that something was amiss. While Gravos was distracting the old bag with some kindly talk and prying questions, I made my way to the kitchen, only to find it strewn with whiskey bottles and unused medical supplies from three different charities. We finally got the truth out of her while Arlin was losing his marbles (quite literally) – she was a drunk who used the supplies to finance a steady supply of whiskey while healing the sick children with her limited healing abilities. As Gravos led her off to the authorities, I figured I’d aid her in kicking the habit by relieving her house of it’s remaining whiskey….

Ollysta thanked us kindly for our services, but with a heavy heart. The lass must know by now that Absalom is a shit-stinking hollow full of swindler’s and thieves, but this latest reminder didn’t make it any easier to swallow.

Our third task involved a trip to the manor of an Osirian nobleman, Dremdhet Salhar. He was not at home when we arrived, so we were instead greeted by his advisor, one Amenopheus, introducing himself as the Sapphire Sage. Now I have warm place in my heart for a lad with some showmanship, but this smug bastard had a twinkle in his eye that let me know he didn’t hold our motley bunch in highest regard. Our task had seemed simple enough, seal a verbal contract by way of our official meeting and retrieve a charter and maps that granted the society leave to explore the Salhar family crypts, err I mean vaults. The only catch was we had to retrieve the maps ourselves from the nobleman’s personal vault in the manor. Now, it’s not everyday that one such as myself gets a personal invitation to stroll through a nobleman’s vault, so we gingerly made our way inside.

Laid before us were three chests, a jar of liquid, and a picnic basket. Quite the odd assortent of nobleman’s treasures if you ask me. So let me be brief about our business in the vault. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I had predicted, involved illusions and traps and a snake, and no real valuables to speak of. We were able to get out with the maps and our pride intact, but let me just say that it was positively the worst experience I’ve had in a vault in all my years.

Finally, we were bid to pay a visit to the Chelish Paracountess Zarta Dralneen. I’ve never had a fondness for the Chelish, although they pay good coin if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. I’d never met the Paracountess personally, and our first meeting left me with the distinct impression that a night in her bed would leave with far more than scratch marks on your back. Her request was simple – retrieve a box and bring it back to Ambrus. The only issue was the box was in her chambers where a recently summoned demon was wreaking all sorts of havoc. With a shrug of my shoulders I picked up the silver dagger she offered and we shuffled toward the door…

…and the fight was over. I’d barely nudged the door ajar when Kritt slipped in like a fox and called down a blinding flash of lightning at the beast leaving the poor thing utterly incapacitated on the floor. I gave the boy an impressed smirk as Arlin walked easily over to pick the box up from where it lay on the floor. Zarta seemed impressed as well, and I couldn’t help but notice that she bowed lower than usual on our leaving, her low-cut dress revealing…

Anyway, we made our way back to Ambrus’ office quite satisfied in our efforts, and I must say he was in a state of awe at how easily and quickly we had accomplished our goals. He knew it was about time to give us a real mission for the society after proving ourselves so well. He handed us each a purse heavier than I would have ever imagined, and our band bid each other adieu to regroup in a span of days – when we were to meet with Amara Li of the Lantern Lodge for our next assignment. Needless to say, I was looking forward to taking some orders from her….

So here I am, penniless again. Yes of course I was able to spend a purse heavier than I’ve had in years all in the course of 24 bells. Who do you think I am? A nice new blade, a bath, a trim, a full belly and a night with Tamara later, and I feel fresh as a summer breeze. Things are looking up as a new recruit of the Pathfinder society. Tomorrow I think I’ll manage a trip over to the Ascendant Court to redistribute some wealth… Yes that sounds like a lovely idea.

Sweet Dreams, Logen


Fantastic job, well done!

In Service to Lore

Good going…you greasy bastard.

In Service to Lore

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